About Us

About Us





Amboi dot com was established on august 2017 as the first advertisement company that offers services at fairly affordable and competitive prices for local and international entrepreneurs/companies out there to experience excellent and quality professional advertising service.

Company’s director, edin hamdi, had identified problems faced by many companies/entrepreneurs in the market, that is to advertise their products effectively through marketing strategy. Thus, the idea of setting up a 5-star advertising company at a price of 3-stars (affordable) came into picture of the director.

Amboi dot com’s expertise is to produce “viral short films/stories”, never the less, the company is also capable of producing various types of video and handle social media accounts. With the company’s motto of “drive the creativity”, amboi dot com brings a unique advertising experience to their customers.







Why Amboi ?



Fantastic USP


Great Payment Method


No hidden charges


Client centred



Our Mission 


Wow Service

We have a strong USP to offer to our client

High Quality Work

We are producing tailored creative content based on client needs


We are using a proper approach to the customer and always creating mutual understanding





Our Awesome Team

Edin Hamdi



Nadiah Kashim

HR and Finance


Syawal Irfan

General Manager Development


Nasir Hamidon

Senior Marketing Manager



Senior Operation Manager